There is a fast food Indian restaurant in Tucson. I went there tonight. My wife and I quickly ordered our food; we waited outside. Some sort of contemporary pop music was playing in the background; the lyrics were indiscernible. My wife was anxious. I asked if they wanted to wait in the car. They said yes and left. I waited outside. I eventually got bored and walked away from the front of the restaurant to a low wall surrounded by bushes. I vaped. I started to notice everything around me. There were so many people. I noticed that nearly one hundred percent of this street was occupied by restaurants. I noticed dim outdoor lighting and wooden furniture. A group of men were sitting nearby eating; they were having a conversation in a language I didn’t recognize. I hope I recognize it one day. People would pass in front of me and I caught glimpses of their conversations. “…yeah the difficult thing about it is…” “…were you able to find it…” “…I was so drunk last night…” “…this place is really good…” “…I tried telling her that…” I noticed that most of these people were university students. I’m a college student and will be transferring to a university before too long. I noticed the occasional sounds of the street cars stopping and going. I realized I had been standing this whole time and could sit on the low wall. I sat. I started to notice the expressions on the people walking by. Most of them were smiling while talking to whoever was walking with them. I saw the same man twice. He was on a skateboard. He was wearing a backpack. I made up stories in my head about what he may have been doing that made him go past me and come back. I settled on the idea that he went to the CVS further down the street to quickly buy something small. I didn’t see him holding anything new. I assumed he put the item in his backpack. I decided he must be going home now. I noticed a man holding a bag of food and looking down at it. He was also smiling. I paid more attention to the lighting. Everything was dim and orange aside from the bright white lights of the street car station. I noticed people at the restaurant across the street. They were sitting outside. They were smiling and laughing. I felt invisible, merely an observer. No one who passed by me even looked my way. I felt lucky. I felt comfortable. I felt alive. I saw people go by on bikes. I saw very few cars. When I did see cars I saw them stop for pedestrians. I saw people crossing the street without a care in the world. I could have sat there for hours just watching and noticing. I noticed a beauty of life I often don’t get to notice. I noticed strangers living and being happy. My food was ready. I went home and ate dinner with my wife. Kababeque never fails to deliver.