The year is 5804. It's the 17th of Av. The sky has turned grey over the iioto desert; a steady blanket of rain descends over the greens and browns of the landscape. A dome shaped red building sits atop the hen mesa. A line of red cables extends from a sort of port coming out of the lower north side of the building; it is directly opposite of the front door. The cables descend the face of the mesa and extend along the ground, beyond the yearly impenetrable fog of the north-east iioto. Inside the red domed building sits a young student. He is short and thin. The skin of his cheeks is plum red; his nose is long and flat. The hair on his head is long and grey. He's wearing a standard issue school uniform, brown and desert-green canvas from head to toe. The outfit is covering every inch of his body apart from his face. He's sitting in front of a laptop with a terminal open. Various books, instant noodle cups, and beer cans crowd the floor. There's a mess of technology all throughout the building, machines for one thing or another. The student is excited; he finally found it, or someone else has found it for him. The download is nearly finished. This image could make or break his research.

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