My Artwork

a drawing of a goblin sittng in front of a computer surrounded by other electronics in a dark room, the lighting is very moody with stark shadows from the glow of the computer monitor, the colors are warm

a drawing of a wireless arcade stick in front of a CRT television, the lighting is moody, a super famicom with a super game boy 2 is in the background and the CRT is displaying Dragon Quest 1 for game boy

a drawing of a king slime, a slime stack, and a regular slime from dragon quest are hanging out in the mountains, the colors are orange and blue and warm

the dragon quest hero redrawn in several poses as ruby may valentine, the author of this site, done in the style of akira toriyama, red and blue colors

a goblin wearing a sports bra and joggers with a sweater tied around her waist up against the implication of a brick wall, as seen in the shadows of the image, she's exhaling after hitting a tank mod vape, the shadows and blacks have a cross style halftone pattern, and the colors are warm greens and pinks and red

a goblin is crouched down in the desert with some sort of device, scanning the area perhaps, the goblin's long body length hair is red and clothes are orange, and the background is a bright desaturated orangey yellow color, the image is soft and glowing

a goblin is sitting on a bus looking out the window, the colors of the image are all shades and tints of red, outside of the black linework