Dracula creeps through the night. He’s three feet tall and two inches wide. He slides through the bars of a window into the bedroom of an unsuspecting criminal. The criminal’s crime is having all of his blood inside his body and not having some of his blood inside Dracula; the crime will soon be forgiven. Dracula presses his finger to the criminal’s forehead and extracts one cup of blood through a small incision made by the microscopic blade protruding from said finger. The criminal sleeps soundly, none the wiser of the crime that has been resolved. He is no longer a criminal. He is a man sleeping peacefully. Dracula exits gracefully through the same window as before. He takes long steps down the street to the home of another criminal. The criminal is pretending to sleep; He is fully aware of his crime. He does not want to be forgiven; he does not want to atone for his misdeed. Dracula slips through the vent of the home and descends slowly from the ceiling onto the chest of the pretending to be asleep criminal. The criminal grabs Dracula by the neck; he presses his finger to the forehead of Dracula. He extracts one thimble full of blood from Dracula through the small blade protruding from said finger. Dracula accepts this and grows slightly larger; Dracula is now three feet tall and three inches wide. Dracula exits through the front door of the criminal’s home. The criminal is still a criminal, his crime much greater than before. Dracula returns home as he must after a failure to return a criminal to justice. He lays his head in the bosom of his betrothed; he vents his misfortunes of the night. Dracula falls asleep; tonight, Dracula is a criminal. Dracula dreams of atoning for his crime. He will try again tomorrow night.