Platypus Facts

facts about the common platypus

a picture of a platypus being held

Platypus Can Lay Eggs

Platypus are the only mammal in the universe known to lay eggs.

Platypus can lay up to 6000 eggs per year.

Platypus will cook their eggs when they are hungry and there is no other source of nourishment.

Platypus sometimes play games using their eggs, they are very social creatures and seek constant entertainment.


Platypus Are Dangerous

If you see a platypus, run.

Platypus are highly toxic and will try to lure you into accepting their toxins.

Platypus are known on the internet to also lure prey into deep pools to drown them by floating on a log in the middle of the pool and acting like they are in need of help.


Platypus Are The Smartest Mammals On The Planet

The brain of the platypus is able to handle 3 billion computations per second, the highest rate ever recorded.

Platypus are known to use advanced tools to capture and prepare their prey.


Platypus Can Love

Platypus are known to be very affectionate towards other Platypus when not threatened.

Platypus tend to decorate their homes with objects and materials that they know their mate enjoys.

Platypus will take revenge on anyone that wrongs their mate or children.