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Hello! Good morning!

 a bunch of CDs with the obis, Shizuka - Paradise of Delusion, Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (deluxe), Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (maxi), The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness, The Weeknd - Starboy, Giorgio Moroder - Deja Vu, Meli’sa Morgan - Do Me Baby, David Ruffin - The Unreleased Album, Savage Garden - Savage Garden, X Japan - Blue Blood, Tatsuro Yamashita - Moonglow, Tatsuro Yamashita - Go Ahead!

It’s me, Ruby.

I’ve been busy making major life decisions and such!

I also got cool shit in the mail and will hopefully have more cool shit to show off before too long, the other cool stuff is coming from Japan via economy shipping so who knows! Lol!


I’ve decided I’m going to be going to college to become a computer engineer, I am very excited to learn and hope I can become the ultimate computer genius. I’m not entirely sure what a computer engineer does or anything but apparently I’ll get to learn all about how computers and electronics work, which is very practical to me and the money should be good if I can do a good job, and I will. I’ll be attending college for the first couple of years to do prerequisites and then transferring to university for the computer engineering program, I also hope to take Japanese language as an elective because my main goal is to move to Japan and be in the field there and I suppose it will look flashy to employers if I have solid language credits.

Speaking of learning Japanese, I have acquired many Japanese learning textbooks because while Duolingo is fun and all I’ve realized it is quite stifling my learning for the most part, just a few hours of reading a language course textbook made a lot of things make so much sense! Turns out, studying grammar directly is a great way for me to learn a language! So yeah I’ve been studying a lot more the last few days mainly as that’s when I started getting the books and I’m already feeling more confident that I’ll actualize my goals!

Speaking of reading!

I read Dune! The first novel I’ve read in like 15 years! Yes the last novel I read was when I was like 10 years old, silly, and yeah I read a 900 page dense sci-fi novel, and I loved it! It gave me confidence to pursue the above goals of reading Japanese language learning textbooks, seriously after reading Dune I feel like I can read anything!

I’m on to reading Dune messiah when I can as I’m mainly reading the grammar and kanji textbooks and such lately.

Time Skip

It’s been a few weeks since I started writing this blog post as of this line, and I have a bunch of cool CDs now! I’ve been collecting Japanese releases that have the obi, and there’s a picture of most of the ones I have so far at the top of this post, I have more coming lol.

I’ve been listening to a lot more music now because of this which is nice, I sort of stopped listening to music for the most part except on rare occasions which sucked, I love music, but now I listen to whole albums at once pretty much daily which is really nice, right now I’m listening to III by Masanori Nozawa, Masanori Nozawa is an ambient producer and DJ from Utsunomiya, Japan. He also runs the label Medium, I have a few releases from the label now and they’re all very nice ambient works, highly recommend!

I’m going to be registering for classes very soon, and then starting school in May supposedly, looking forward to it, a bit nervous because it’s going to be a big change but everyone in my life is rooting for me so that’s nice.

Last night I had a computer disaster, I made the silly decision of trying to get my PC equipped to upgrade to windows 11, and it did not end well, I messed up the setup and when I changed my BIOS to launch with UEFI it made my PC unable to boot, lol, luckily a friend helped me they told me how to remove the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS and that fixed it, and so I decided to not get windows 11 after that dreadful experience and install software that gives me a dock instead, we have windows 11 at home! Lol

windows 10 desktop only featuring a dock, a clock, and the weather, the background is a cropped version of The Edge of the Desert, Arizona by George Elbert Burr which is a landscape drawing of some trees overlooking the desert and it's cloudy

I’ve been working on my new album that releases in September, Hour of the Rooster, it’s like 17 tracks now, which is crazy, I’m really looking forward to everyone getting to hear it, and plan to do a CD release if I can manage it, I’m hoping to get some friends to record some stuff for the album just waiting to hear back from everyone, they’re gonna listen to the album to see what they wanna add to it.

Speaking of if you’d like to hear the album in its current state, email me and I’ll send you a copy! Thanks!

Anyway hope you have a good rest of your day!