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Hello! Wanted to make my first post already, still futzing around with html lmao. Lately I have been playing very many video games. Most people that know me know that I love Dragon Quest but I also really love Like a Dragon (formerly Yakuza) and I'm very excited for the future of both series. Recently I played the "Judgment" spin-offs of Like a Dragon and fell in love! I'm really hoping we get a third entry in the series as all the characters are amazing and Yagami fucking rules especially, he's the main character! I'm currently looking for a day job which hopefully translates into being able to get more games lol, it's been slow going on the job hunt but I remain hopeful!

Also have been having a fun time playing "space shooters" lately otherwise known as "shmups," I got into them after this youtuber I like watching kept talking about Gradius, I have Gradius 1 for Famicom and Gradius 3 for Super Famicom, Gradius 3 is the first one I played as I got it first then decided I wanted to give Gradius 1 a try, I highly recommend Gradius 3 even if shmups aren't really your thing, the parody series Parodius is also awesome and silly, a "cute-em-up."

The arcade stick you see me using in the picture is the 8bitdo Arcade Stick, it's really good for any game that doesn't need two analog sticks, I love the thing a lot and use it as much as possible, I highly recommend it!

Anyway thanks for reading, wanted to keep this first post short as I still get the hang of things! Have a great day!