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Hello everybody!

a picture of my desk, showcasing my raspberry pi 4 in its new red and black case!

I am very tired while I’m writing this, I’ve been having problems with getting to sleep lately which sucks! For a while it was just, I was staying up really late and sleeping during the day but now it’s also staying up all night and then not sleeping until the following night, sucks!

Other than that things have started to feel normal again now that Pot Roast has been back home for a while, I’m still super paranoid about him getting out again though which I guess is better than him getting out again due to me not worrying about it as much, he’s been doing good, he’s caught a few more mice too lol, seems to be a never ending supply of mice here, it’s insane.

Indigo is in North Carolina currently but will be back the night of me writing this post (2023-01-26) It’s currently nearly 5am and yeah, I haven’t slept, I’ve just been “doom scrolling” as people say nowadays, which I was doing good with not doing for a few months! I think I’m gonna try to write here more often than I have been doing to keep myself off twitter especially, I for some reason cannot help but click on alarming trending topics and reading horrible, hideous, posts, which results in panic and despair, which is not healthy. I’d like to just completely delete twitter, but I do enjoy seeing posts from friends and my mutuals in Japan that post about video-games and the weather there.

I ordered a bunch of CDs last month which have been arriving throughout this month, building up a nice disc collection is fun, I’ve also been ripping the CDs so I can add them to my raspberry pi 4 based media server so I can stream the audio on my various devices, it’s cool! I’m my own streaming platform, and with the discs backing it up, aside from a major disaster and deep levels of bit rot, no one can take the music away from me on a whim like we’ve seen streaming platforms do time and time again especially more recently lately, with adored media. I’ve pretty much only been listening to stuff I actually own now instead of streaming via Apple Music, which has led to a deeper appreciation of the music honestly, I had actually mainly been listening to Young Thug’s album Punk for about two years now until I started getting more discs because it was basically the only album I had on disc, I think I still have a copy of Deadmau5’ > Album Title Goes Here < from my teen years but it’s buried in a storage bin if so, and is certainly missing the majority of the case, (whoops!). I really like that album; it’s a shame Joel Zimmerman is a prick.

Speaking of pricks most of the CDs I’ve been buying are Kanye West albums, I’ve been a long-time fan but decided hey, with the ever-growing amount of horrible shit he’s saying and doing, I don’t really want to support him financially in the slightest! So I’ve been buying up discs second-hand so as to not directly contribute to his ever massive wealth via streaming, and to say the absolute least, I miss the old Kanye.

I also got Daft Punk’s “Discovery” on disc, and have more Daft Punk discs on the way, I love Daft Punk! My mom introduced me to them as a kid and would play their music all the time and I’ve been listening to them ever since, a huge inspiration to my sound, I’ve covered a few of their songs even, their music means a lot to me so it’s nice to have it on disc once again! We actually had A LOT of music on disc including Daft Punk but thanks to fucking iTunes and Apple we don’t have that anymore, my mom had ripped all of her music to our computer and added it to iTunes and decided hey I guess we don’t need this massive amount of discs anymore, and of course later on due to iTunes and general computer fuckery, we lost all of that music, a sad tale told many times at this point I’m sure, oh the dawn of the mp3.

She’s happy now with her amazon music though, and I don’t blame her, the wealth of most of the world’s sonic creation at your fingertips? Hard to pass up. I also have Moonface’s “Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped” coming, and additionally “Skullgrid” by Behold… The Arctopus, great music overall! I’m hoping I can get a WORKING tape player with audio out before too long though because I have a shit ton of tapes and I’d like to record their contents and add them to my media server, a daunting task but I feel the need to do it. I’ll probably end up ordering more discs next month if finances allow, they are rather cheap after all, most of the discs mentioned I acquired for $10 or less, buying second-hand rules!

I might actually hit up the local used media chain Bookman’s here before too long because that’s also a great way to get CDs outside of eBay and Discogs, and I might check out new stuff I haven’t heard before, or even find stuff I forgot about, I love music.

I’ve also been getting lots of VHS tapes and DVDs which I’ve been ripping the DVDs but haven’t gotten around to recording any tapes, because you know, you have to let the entire movie play, and that’s a long time to not use my computer lol, I have Takeshi Kitano’s “Outrage” trilogy on DVD now, as well as Fireworks, and I have Sonatine coming in the mail too, I’d like to get Brother, great movie, all of his movies are great. Highly recommend.

I’ve been watching a lot of “The Brave Yoshihiko” lately, it’s a Dragon Quest parody comedy inspired by Monty Python and The Holy Grail, it fucking rules. I highly recommend it, especially if you play Dragon Quest games. It’s hilarious even without context though, I love it, I’ve basically just been watching it from the beginning to end every week at this point, it never gets old!

I also added a shop and page to showcase artists I like the work of on the website here, you can access those pages from the home page, give it a look!

Also it’s the next morning I took a break from writing this post, Indigo just got back from North Carolina last night, glad they’re home, it’s very weird when they’re not here, was having a really hard time sleeping because of it and still am, once again! I’m planning on just staying up all day and pushing through it, I really wish I could just retain a normal sleep schedule, it’s hideous to me the habits I’ve formed since this dog sitting job I took last year, I’ve been staying up later and not sleeping a lot ever since lol, I was having trouble sleeping at the peoples house because I always have trouble with sleeping in new places and that just snowballed into my once again disordered sleeping.

I got a new case for my Raspberry Pi 4, it’s running real cool now because of the fan that came with the case, really happy with it, looks cool too! The official case they plug is basically a plastic coffin for the poor thing so this is a major upgrade, it’s cool that a little computer has been doing so much for me, i.e. managing my media, I love it! I hope to one day upgrade to a legit server setup though, big bulky hardware and all lol.

I also made a new comic, it’s about Pot Roast going on a Dragon Quest style adventure, inspired by the TV series The Brave Yoshihiko, which is in itself a Dragon Quest parody, it’s listed in the shop for a print copy but you can also get a digital copy here: https://bxnshy.itch.io/the-brave-pot-roast-and-the-demon-kings-forttress. I took the “no budget” concept from The Brave Yoshihiko and sort of applied it as an art practice, I will spend as little time drawing the comic as possible, so I’m doing quickly, purposefully poorly, and not thinking about it too much, drawing like a child basically, it’s pretty fun to draw this way, not measuring out anatomy and objects and shit, it’s the most fun I’ve had making a comic in really long time, it’s going to be an ongoing series and I’m gonna make the next issue soon, I think if I can handle it there will be a new issue every month, don’t hold me to that though lol, it is however very easy to draw this way so I think it’s possible.

Also, I am running a gofundme to pay off some medical debt, dental specifically, I basically accepted a ridiculous loan that’s impossible to pay off monthly so I’m trying to raise money to pay it in full so I can stop wasting money on it, as I do not make very much money, ($257/mo is my income lol). If you feel like helping or sharing, here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-ruby-with-medical-debt.

Anyway, thanks y’all, have a good one!