Check Out The Work Of These Artists

Zach Hazard Vaupen

it's hard to describe an image drawn by Zach Hazard, but I'll do my best, it's black and white and 3D rendered but shaded in a pen and ink style, it appears to be a bunch of cultists climbing into a shed that contains some sort of tentacled beast

Zach's Website

Zach is a brilliant artist, his work never ceases to impress me, often bursting with energy and unease. I haven't seen a piece of his I didn't like.

Zach's comic "Therapy Gun" is a must read, and his daily comic "pixel dog's purgatory in hell" is a fun thing to see every day, I own a print copy of his anthology "combed clap of thunder" which is one of the best series of comics I've ever read.

Garrett Young

blue and yellow riso print of an illustration of what appears to be a woman screaming in horror at the sight of what appears to be a haunted doll or something

Garrett's Patreon

Garrett is a master of expression, absolutely haunting work, I own more Garrett Young work than I do of any other artist because I'm simply obsessed (sorry everyone else nothing personal lol).

Garrett's black and white work is breathtaking and his colored ink work is equally gorgeous, I wish I had a million dollars to hire Garrett Young to draw all of my comics for me for the rest of my life because it would be funny if he had to draw the stupid shit I come up with in my comedy writings, it would be cool to me.

Pip Caplan

a page of one of pip's comics, showing a frantic conversation between too characters

Pip's Website

Pip is an astounding cartoonist, the best pacing I've seen around lies in their comic "Physics," you burn through it feeling the same frantic mania of the characters, the drawings have a strong sense of momentum that pulls you through the pages with an unrelenting force.

Pip has a mastery of true cartooning, as if a direct descendant of Eisner.