Gideon O’Hart and his girlfriend bought an apartment in the heights of Hayden in the year 5783 on the 15th of Adar. It was an average sized apartment with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a single hall closet. The apartment had two windows in the living room on either side of the door. The only other window was reserved for the master bedroom facing opposite the living room. The apartment was quite old and had many layers of paint built up on practically every non-counter surface you could think of apart from the floor. O’Hart began moving into his new abode on the 18th.

The first day of unpacking he unpacked the silverware and some dishes so that he could take meals for the rest of the moving in process. When unpacking his silverware, he noticed a small spoon he did not recognize. The spoon was short with an ornate handle of gold and silver, adorned with blue jewels along the neck. The circumference of the bowl was inscribed with words in a script he did not recognize either. He had friends help him pack up his old apartment and thought maybe they found this tucked away somewhere in his attic. The attic had many boxes of various things belonging to his late grandfather. He didn’t think much else of it and tucked it into the miscellaneous section of his silverware drawer.

The following week he awoke for work and went to make his breakfast. He waddled into the kitchen with sleep still in his eyes. He happened to glance over at the kitchen table and noticed a hot bowl of oatmeal sitting there with the spoon sat next to it on a small cloth napkin. He figured his girlfriend must have made him breakfast. Odd choice of spoon, he thought. He ate breakfast, thinking of nothing other than the day ahead of him.

When O’Hart had arrived home from work, he dug in his pocket for his house key. When digging, he noticed an object foreign to him. After pulling it out he realized that it was the strange spoon. He did not find his key. He thought maybe in his tiredness that he may have put the spoon in his pocket instead of the key. He knocked on the door assuming his girlfriend was home. She answered and let him in. He spoke to her about his mix-up with the spoon and they both laughed.

O’Hart awoke the next morning to his girlfriend screaming. He also felt a sharp pain in his eyes. He asked her what’s wrong and to turn on the light. She just kept screaming. He told her to calm down and fumbled in the dark to turn the light on. He was quite alarmed when he realized the switch was already flicked on. Maybe the power was out, he thought. O’Hart then noticed the feeling of a small metal object in his left hand. He recognized its shape as the spoon. His girlfriend screamed louder. “Your eyes, they’re gone!”