Welcome to my website!

ruby as the hero from dragon quest 1, animated and crab walking

My name is Ruby May Valentine!

I make stuff!

I'm going to college to study computer engineering and the Japanese language, this website is mostly just to host my blog and some art of mine, it also has a shop and other random stuff

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Rain Rain Rain!

It's Monsoon season!

Tue, 25 Jul 2023 10:55:00 MST

It’s monsoon season here in Tucson, so it’s both very rainy and very hot! Our swamp cooler hasn’t been working worth a shit due to the humidity so we had to crowdfund for a portable AC unit lol, before we got it it had been regularly 90-93 degrees Fahrenheit in here every day... read more

0339 late night rost hello

rss exclusive rost

Tue, 13 Jun 2023 03:42:00 MST

hey everybody

just checking in via RSS

I hope if you read this that you have a good day, and if you don't read this, I also hope hou have a good day, I'm the sage of hoping people have a good day, my secret stone amplifies my powers of well wishing...

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The Party Changes Jobs

I'm going to college, wow!

Mon, 27 Mar 2023 13:24:00 MST

It’s me, Ruby.

I’ve been busy making major life decisions and such!

I also got cool shit in the mail and will hopefully have more cool shit to show off before too long, the other cool stuff is coming from Japan via economy shipping so who knows! Lol!

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a button that says this is an anti-NFT site
a button of ruby as the dragon quest hero with a blinking night sky background and it says rubyzone, this button will simply bring you to the home page, it's mostly here for people to copy and put places
an animated button that says questions or comments? email
a animated button that says 'the all new 88 by 62'
a crt tv showing very pixelated video of random stuff
a gif of a pixelated drawing of a crt tv with a moving screen showing nearly unrecognizeable dragon quest 1 gameplay
an animated button that says the big the bold 264 x 264

I'm a secret message outside the flow of the document, only for desktop user's eyes, yes there's so much empty space on desktop, because everyone uses phones for browsing these days, and I like mobile as well, so it's streamlined for mobile, but at least you get this fun message to look at, I'm over here.

(edit 2023-01-30: I guess you can also see this if you turn your phone sideways, fuck me, I could fix that easily, but this edit being here is funnier.)

(edit 2023-02-03: I'm gonna keep adding more random shit to the desktop home page, for the fun of it, yolo.)

I'm also a secret, here's a pic of a slime

a drawing of a dragon quest slime hopping over a rock